Meet The Guide

A man holding a fish in front of him.


Andy moved to Idaho in 2001 and has made it on Cascade lake more than ever since 2020. This is when he and his wife made Donnelly, Idaho their second home. He has spent more time than most on the lake fishing for jumbos through the entire season leaving early and coming off the ice at dark. Andy knows the lake and fishes hard (only when he needs to). He really enjoys the majestic scenery of being on Cascade lake during ice season and looks forward to putting clients on some jumbo perch of their own.

A man holding three fish in his hands.


I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life.  My motto has always been, "I hunt and fish to live and live to hunt and fish". I started ice fishing at Cascade and just fell in love with the place. 2+ pound perch are just amazing, and there is nowhere I have been that compares to Cascade. I look forward to guiding you on the ice!

A woman holding a fish in her hands.


Carol is native to Idaho. She grew up her entire life camping and fishing in the great state. Carol enjoys ice fishing and is really looking forward to spending some time with clients assisting them on catching perch.

Fun Fact: Carol's dad grew up in Cascade and at the age of 17, he actually helped on  construction of Cascade lake before it became what it is today.